Add an RSS-Feed to your blog with Lithium

Adding an RSS-Feed to your blog with li3 is really straightforward, because all the infrastructure you need is already at your fingertips. I assume that you already have some posts stored in your database, you serve them to your users via /posts and the new RSS-File should be accessible via /posts.rss.

First, we need to tell Lithium that we want to add another Media-Type to our application. Add the following to your app/config/bootstrap/media.php-File (and don’t forget to uncomment it in app/config/bootstrap.php). You can also comment the other code out in this file if you don’t need it.

use lithium\net\http\Media;
Media::type('rss', 'application/rss+xml');

Next, let’s add a link to our default.html.php-Layout so that our feed shows up in the browser.

<?= $this->html->link('RSS-Feed', '/posts.rss', array('type' => 'rss')); ?>

Before we start to create our RSS-Views, check that your PostsController::index()-Method looks something like this and returns one or more posts to the View.

public function index() {
    $posts = Post::all(array('order' => array('created' => 'DESC')));
    return compact('posts');

Alright, first create a new default.rss.php-Layout (in app/views/layouts):

<?php echo '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>'; ?>
    <rss version="2.0">
            <title>My cool Blog</title>
            <description>A short description about my blog.</description>
            <lastBuildDate><?= date('D, d M Y g:i:s O'); ?></lastBuildDate>
            <pubDate><?= date('D, d M Y g:i:s O'); ?></pubDate>
            <?= $this->content(); ?>

The previous code is just basic RSS-Markup. Feel free to add a custom title, description, link and so on. The lastBuildDate and pubDate are generated dynamically. <?= $this->content(); ?> will render our posts-View which we’ll add now. Insert the following code in app/views/posts/index.rss.php:

    <?php foreach($posts As $post): ?>
        <title><?= $post->title; ?></title>
        <description><?= $post->teaser; ?></description>
        <link><?= $this->html->link($post->title, array('Posts::show', 'slug' => $post->slug)); ?></link>
        <guid isPermaLink="true"><?= $post->slug ?></guid>
        <pubDate><?= date('D, d M Y g:i:s O', $post->created->sec); ?></pubDate>
    <?php endforeach; ?>

You may need to modify the attributes according to your database schema. If you need help on this, feel free to contact me or ask in #li3 on FreeNode.

That’s it! You’ve added an RSS-Feed to your blog. You can now click the RSS-Icon in your browser or render it directly with BTW: that’s exactly how I did it for this blog, so I hope that it should work for you too!

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