13 Aug 2013

Using the Reactor Processor for High-Performance TCP
This blog post shows how you can use the new Reactor library to create high performant TCP clients.

06 Aug 2013

Useful Couchbase Resources & Blog Posts
This post contains a boatload of links and resources for your convenience. Bookmark and share!

24 Jun 2013

Printing JVM generated Assembler on Mac OS X
A quick tutorial on how to get a handle on the assembly code produced by the JVM on OS X.

18 Jun 2013

Fun with Couchbase Views and MessagePack
This post shows you how you can store and query documents encoded with MessagePack!

27 May 2013

A Couchbase Cluster in Minutes with Vagrant and Puppet
This post shows you how to easily create a multi node cluster with Couchbase installed, using Vagrant and Puppet!

16 May 2013

Logging with the Couchbase Java Client
This blog post shows you everything that you need to know about logging with the Couchbase Java Client (and Spymemcached).

17 Apr 2013

Couchbase Java SDK Internals
Learn about how the Java SDK works internally!

05 Mar 2013

Never awaitUninterruptibly() on Netty Channels
A quick tip about waiting on Channels in Netty.

19 Feb 2013

A Journey on Avoiding Nulls in PHP
What about avoiding nulls completely in your PHP application? Inspired by Scala and Google Guava, this post shows you how to do it in PHP.

30 Jan 2013

Benchmarking Cache Transcoders in PHP
This post analyses and benchmarks classical object serialization, igbinary and JSON. It compares them and shows their benefits and shortcomings.