02 Jan 2017

Rust on the WiFi Pineapple (and OpenWrt)
Learn how to compile Rust for the WiFi Pineapple and similar OpenWrt platforms.

28 Oct 2016

Text Analysis in Rust - Tokenization
This blog post shows you how to tokenize full text strings with rust efficiently.

15 Jun 2016

Scheduling Timers on OS X with Rust and Kqueue
Scheduling Timers on OS X is quite easy with Kqueue - this post shows you how.

19 Feb 2016

First Steps with Rust and JNI
This post explains how to call into Rust code from Java (JNI) - simple but just enough to get you started.

11 Feb 2016

Binding Threads And Processes to CPUs in Rust
Using the hwloc library and the rust binding you'll learn how to bind your threads and processes to CPU cores.

08 Jan 2016

Discovering Hardware Topology in Rust
This post shows how you can learn more about your hardware topology using the Rust programming language and the hwloc library.

27 May 2014

Debugging Concurrency Issues with OpenJDK Jcstress
Learn about how to use the JCStress tool from the OpenJDK team to debug concurrency issues.

29 Jan 2014

Bootstrapping from DNS SRV records in Java
See how to load hostnames in your Java application from DNS SRV records.

22 Nov 2013

Using JMH for Java Microbenchmarking
This post shows you how to write solid microbenchmarks using the new OpenJDK JMH library.

11 Oct 2013

What's new in the Couchbase Java SDK 1.2
Read on to see whats new in the latest Couchbase Java SDK!